Who we are


Amari Metals Engineering Group (AMEG) is a consortium of market-leading companies that specialise in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply of precision components, fittings, forms, hollow and solid sections, materials.

As a group, we provide these services in a large array of materials including, but not limited to high-performance and marine grade stainless steels, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and sub-contractors in engineering and manufacturing can source all metals processing requirements, materials, and product design from AMEG - with confidence.


Each company under the AMEG umbrella operates independently and has a highly trained team providing world-class products and the very best in customer service and satisfaction. Each AMEG company has a shared ethos of best practice; fostering an approach which places customer relationship management at the heart of their own operations. This includes committing to lead times and - importantly - delivering on them.


The AMEG group is comprised of 20 interconnected specialist providers working together to provide a seamless customer experience: ABL Aluminium Components, Aluminium Shapes, The Alternative Steel Company, Amari Copper Alloys (ACA), Amari Precision Tubes (APT), Anglo European Group, Capalex, Cashmores, Deeside Precision Engineering, DH Stainless, Durbin Metal Industries, Edmo, ENEX Group, Enfield Tubes, G&H Stainless, Intercontinental Technology Limited (ITL), Laser Profiles, SSE Pipefittings, Stainless Metric Stock, and Yorkshire Stainless.


Customers are increasingly looking to optimise their production processes, primarily driven by the need to concentrate on core business activities. In addition to components and fittings supply, the AMEG consortium companies undertake machining processes; from simple cutting to more intricate processing in which Near Net Shape pieces (NNS) are supplied. NNS manufacturing allows customers and OEMs the ability to focus on the more profitable final processing, and can improve product quality, reduce variability, and enhance component design functionality.

In addition, AMEG’s aluminium businesses offer extrusion, fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium. With extensive machining capabilities and in-house-knowhow at every stage of the process- AMEG takes project ownership - from design to finish. With no minimum runs, AMEG’s design, prototype, and production expertise is available to all, regardless of order size.