Precision & Engineering

About the Precision & Engineering Market

When it comes to precision engineering, the difference is in the detail.

Since precision engineering covers such a wide variety of applications and processes where accuracy and quality are paramount, AMEG’s consortium of companies offers an extensive product range and

knowledge base. This range incudes but is not limited to: aluminium; stainless steel; brass; copper; bronze; nickel alloy and titanium, with material available in bar; tube; pipe; sheet; and fittings.

The knowledge retained within AMEG and its companies ensures we are well placed to hit the ground running, responding quickly and efficiently to even the most challenging requirements.

AMEG also undertakes machining processes; from simple cutting to more intricate processing though CNC, waterjet, and laser cutting. In addition, AMEG’s aluminium businesses offer extrusion, fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium products and components.

The AMEG companies listed below each have extensive experience within the precision engineering market. Click on a company to find out more.

AMEG Suppliers